Henry Cavill Will No Longer Be Superman: DC Prepares a New Story 😭

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TopUppedia.com – DC fans will no longer see the figure of Henry Cavill in the superhero story, “Superman.” The reason for this is that the actor announced his resignation on Instagram.

Janes Gun, who co-founded DC Universe with Peter Safran, also confirmed Henry Cavill’s resignation as Superman’s replacement.

Henry Cavill Will No Longer Be Superman: DC Prepares a New Story 😭

According to CNN, DC Universe director James Gunn has planned a new story as well as a replacement role for Henry Cavill in the superhero Superman.

Henry Cavill: “Goodbye, Superman!”

Henry Cavill says “goodbye to Superman.” As a big fan of Superman superhero stories, these words are very touching because, so far, Henry Cavill has been a suitable actor to play Superman in DC film productions.

He even uploaded a statement in a short video wearing a Superman costume. Undoubtedly, his actions made fans even more enthusiastic about the continuation of the Superman story when Henry Cavill appeared as Superman at the end of the Black Adam film, starring The Rock, alias Dwayne Johnson.

“Peter and James are preparing a universe; I wish all the best for the success of all the teams involved in this new universe.” Henry Cavill addressed the media.


Henry Cavill’s surprising decision not to return as a superhero (Superman) suddenly made James Gunn issue a statement on his Twitter account, @JamesGunn.

“Peter and I have prepared a list of stories for DC, one of which is Superman. “The story will focus on the beginning of Superman’s life,” he said.

However, behind all the statements he made on his Twitter, quoted via kontan.co.id, it seems that James Gunn is still interested in Henry Cavill for possible collaboration on acting projects in other films in the future.

Meanwhile, Henry Cavill himself also seems to no longer be playing in the popular series on Netflix, The Witcher.

The loss of Henry Cavill in the superhero film Superman makes fans have to be patient for an undetermined amount of time to see the actor acting.

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